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3 Ways to Use Rose Petals Like a Goddess

There is something truly magical about flowers. The cycle of growth and blossoming reminds us of the cycle of life, and the transformation and expansion we experience and go through as we step into our own power.  Rose Petals are a beautiful flower to incorporate into your daily magic routine

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Welcome to the Coven✨

Welcome to the Blog of Holy Santo. Holy Santo translates into 'Holy Spirit'. My name is CJ, the owner and I'm so honoured you found your way here.  I'm a proud baby witch, and still learning the history of witchcraft, divination, spells, symbols, elements and so much more! I want you to feel comfortable and accepted no matter how long you have been practising, and where you are on your witchcraft journey.  We are all embodying our own truth and inner power and just know.. you are where you are meant to be. 🖤 I wanted to share with the world- the power and magic of herbs, which has led me to launch this wonderful, witchy brand of products- ideal for those...

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