Stir up Some Magic.. With Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading)

There's a new magick in town and it’s called Tasseomancy.

The art and practice of divination by the interpretation of symbolic patterns made by tea leaves in a teacup that reads the past, present and future and is dependent on psychic intuition. Technically, it’s not new. It was popularized during the Victorian era and it’s on a steady rise in today's culture.


There's Magic in Tea

Preparing your space for the ritual and trying to clear your mind of any thoughts will help you be more observant to what you are about to do.

Tasseomancy is best done with loose leaf teas. You can use any if you have no preference. However, using herbs or tea blends is a great way to also incorporate their magickal properties into the reading. You can find a list of some of the more popular herbs and blends and their correspondence in our Tea Magick E-book.

Note: We encourage you to do your research before ingesting any herb and to always consult your doctor or a qualified healthcare provider. This is especially true if you are pregnant or taking any medications, as many herbs interact with specific types of medications.


Tea readings are best done in mugs that aren’t too narrow and are light in colour to be able to see the leaves easier. Add hot water into your loose leaf tea and let it steep for 3 - 5 minutes. Enjoy the tea as you should, try to not ingest the leaves, leave a little of the liquid to be able to swirl your cup 3 times once you’re done and turn the cup upside down.



Turn your cup up and you will find that the leaves have settled in different areas and will show you a variety of shapes and symbols. Let your intuition guide you in your reading. What stands out most and in which area of the cup? 


The Symbols



Having leaves on the rim of the cup or close to the handle represents present happenings. Having leaves on the rim of the cup represents near future happenings and having leaves on the bottom of the cup represents far into the future or the outcome.

There will be symbols in the cup and they generally will be Animals, Mythical beings, Objects, Letters, and Numbers. Further research into Tasseography symbols will allow you to identify them better and learn what they symbolize. For example, a snake looking line could signify that you need to take caution, a bird means good luck or a good journey, and so on. Also, look at how the symbols interact with the others. Remember that not everything in the cup has to mean something, only those that speak to you. Trust your first impression and do not second guess yourself.


Now that you know the basics. A little more research will get you in good shape for your first reading. Invite your best friend over, after all..

Life is best discussed with a cup of tea. 

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