The Deep Magic of Mugwort: A Mystical Herb for Lucid Dreams

Mugwort is an herb with a rich and fascinating history. Learn more about this magical plant ally and how you can incorporate it into your practice.


Mugwort is an herb with a fascinating history. It was once used by Roman soldiers in their sandals to relieve foot fatigue and has been frequently used as an herb to promote lucid dreaming.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is closely related to wormwood and has been useful for digestion and women's health. It has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine and Native American spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years. On the scientific side, one theory is that the psychoactive effects can be linked to the presence of Thujone in certain strains of the herb. Thujone is also found in gin and absinthe, which has led some people to believe that it causes certain "mind-bending" effects when ingested.

In modern witchcraft, Mugwort is used primarily as a visionary herb. It amplifies psychic vision and may induce prophetic dreams. It is a feminine herb of the Goddess in crone form and is associated with wisdom, observation, and truth. You can find Mugwort in Goddess Provisions March Midnight Garden Box!

Some Magical Ways to use Mugwort in Your Spiritual Practice:

Hang a bundle near your front door to prevent evil from entering. Hung near your bed, it is said to aid in astral projection.

☾ Making a dream pillow or sachet filled with Mugwort (Add jasmine, rose or lavender for an intoxicating sensory experience). This encourages clear and memorable dreams. Don't forget to write about your experiences in your dream journal as soon as you wake up.

☾ Mugwort can be burned over a charcoal disc as a divinatory and purifying incense. You can also use this insect-repellant herb in burning bundles.

☾ Mugwort may be made into an herbal tea to aid in divination and to promote lucid dreaming. Steeping a teaspoon of the dried leaves in hot water with a spoonful of honey is a sure way to assist you in gaining a higher awareness of your dreams and enhance dream recall.

Please Note: Mugwort can also encourage menstruation and regulating the menstrual cycle (because of these effects, it is important that you should completely avoid Mugwort if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any allergies to the Ragweed family.)

Mugwort allows the dreamer to enjoy more surreal and colorful dreams with a heightened sensory experience.

Mugwort acts like an aid that will help you get into the right state for lucid dreaming. It promotes relaxation and allows the body to be more open to receiving and achieving a lucid state. While its effects can vary from person to person, this dreamy herb can "boost" or supercharge your level of dreaming from your habitual dream state.

It's common for the dreamer to experience an increase in the vividness of dreams, including heightened colors and a greater awareness of the senses.

What you get out of your experience will depend on what your intentions are. This plant is here to support you on your journey to cultivating awareness and exploration. This starts by setting an intention and being mindful of the whole experience. 

An attitude of openness, combined with patience can make a world of difference when it comes to lucid dreaming. Have fun and allow your imagination to be unbridled during these intense dream experiences!

And in the meantime, dream on Goddess!

Precautions: Avoid Mugwort completely if you are pregnant, nursing, or have allergies to the Ragweed family.


  • Kat

    Ty for this. I’m anemoath.never knew about this and it’s properties. I’m allergic to ragweed.
    I dream freely and trust the oricess of what is shown to me. Blessings to you.

  • Michaela

    Thank you so much for all this wonderful information on you blog and you free Ebooks they have been a great help in my path. Just wanted to say a thank you to you all for all the hard work use put into it all. Blessed Be.

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