Celebrating Mabon: The Autumn Equinox

You can feel it in the air, the seasons beginning to change. Summer is beginning to fade just as fall approaches near the horizon. This time of year always feels electric; not only is the buzzing energy of summer still present, but there's the hustle and bustle of children entering school again, work becoming more abundant, and vacationers are coming back home again. As much magic as summer holds, there's particular energy within Autumn that brings in the sense of clarity, coolness, peace, and gratitude.


On September 23, 2022, the Autumn Equinox will take place once again. On this day, there will be equal parts sunlight as there is darkness in the Northern Hemisphere. The phenomenon occurs due to the sun's direct light focused on the equator. Following the equinox, the days will slowly begin to shorten in length, and nighttime will come sooner than one may enjoy. But, even with this changing of the times, the Autumn equinox is a powerful time to celebrate life and embrace the future. As many Pagan holidays follow, the Mabon Sabbat is a celebration that occurs on the Autumn Equinox. Many pagans worldwide spend time expressing their gratitude and appreciation for nature, their lives, and the universe at large.


Mabon Sabbat

The Mabon Sabbat is celebrated on September 23, the same day as the Autumn Equinox. You can make a multi-day out of this Sabbat, especially if you're traveling or want to share the celebrations with others. Mabon is a Welsh God, believed to be the son of Earth Mother Goddess, who is the God of Mother nature. Their connection to the earth is honored through giving back thanks during the harvest season. During the summer, harvest takes place as the sun pours life into the earth, and the plants grow and bare their fruits for us as gifts. Well, the second harvest that takes place in the Autumn is just as important, as it's a time when many plants are no longer producing, yet the earth still manages to provide necessary food sources that we need to survive. These crops include pumpkins, carrots, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, corn, and apples.


Mabon Altar

During the Mabon Sabbat, the celebration can happen in many ways. Some decide to create an altar space to honor Mabon and the Earth Mother Goddess. You could incorporate these crops into the altar, offering them as gifts to these gods. Setting out cups of cider, wine, and warm beverages is also a great way to honor them. Place flowers around the altar space. Also, red, green, and brown crystals will be well received on this altar, as they are colors of this season and in alignment with the energy of the Autumn Equinox.



Cooking is another great way to celebrate Mabon. If you can make enough food to share with others, consider using the Autumn crops to create a delicious harvest meal. When you cook, use intention, and invest some of your positive energy into the food. Anyone who eats it will be filled with warm, loving energy. Have a party and invite your friends and family to enjoy the delicious meal you've eaten. Harvest is about giving thanks, and there's no better way to say thank you to the people you care about than with a warm meal.



Apple Picking

Apple picking is a popular activity for Mabon, as apples are a symbol often associated with the God. The apple is a symbol in many cultures, often being depicted as a vessel for wholeness and renewal. During Autumn, it's a reminder of the transition the trees and perennial plants undergo, shedding their old skin until the weather warms and they can spring forth again. The apple, which comes later in the year, is a reminder that this process is a gift and necessary to experience the fruitfulness of life. If you live near an apple tree or orchard, spend time picking your own apples, thanking the tree, the earth, and Mabon for the gifts, and eating them with intention.



Spend Time in Nature

The Mabon Sabbat marks the last day of the year with the most sunlight until the Spring Equinox. So, there's no better time to spend your day outdoors immersed in nature. Go for a hike, sit in the park, or go dancing in the woods. Walk barefoot on the earth and really connect with Mabon and the Earth Mother Goddess. Listen to music, read on your back porch, allow yourself to exist outside, and cherish the gift of nature.



No matter how you celebrate this Sabbat, wear colors that are associated with Mabon. These colors are Orange, green, red, brown, and gold. Think earthy, bright, autumn-like colors. Wear them throughout the day or even throughout the week leading up to and following the Mabon sabbat. These colors aren't as cool as winter colors or as bright as summer tones. They are warm, soft, cozy, and meaningful.


Express Gratitude

The Autumn Equinox and Mabon Sabbat are a great time to express the gratitude you have for your life. Reflect back on the past year and think about all of the components of your current life that you've "harvested." All of the lessons, experiences, successes, and love—realize how much value and purpose they've given you. Reflet on any goals and ambitions, you planted within your mind over the past year that has managed to take root and sprout into your life. Mabon is a time of appreciation, cultivation, rest, and renewal.



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