Moon Baths: A Soothing Ritual For Every Moon Phase

One of the most powerful rituals you can do is a moon bath. A spiritual bath is a cleansing ritual through the use of energetic tools incorporated into your bath water. There are many uses for a spiritual bath, such as cleansing, manifesting, releasing, and awakening.

Today, the re-emergence of spirituality has strengthened our intention connection to the stars, planets, and specifically, the Moon! Using the Moon's divine feminine energy within your rituals helps cultivate its powerful energy. The moon transitions through various cycles, and each of these cycles influence the energy that it transmits over the Earth. Unconsciously, the Moon has a powerful effect on our everyday lives, guiding us down our unique journeys without resistance. During a full moon, the waters of the oceans push and pull against the shorelines, animal behaviors drastically change, and people experience heightened emotions. We are also affected by the other transitional phases that the Moon undergoes. Learning to work with this energy can help guide you throughout life, bring desires in, or remove energies that no longer serve your highest good. Moon baths help you intentionally allow the Moon's influence into your life and open you up to its flow, charging your spirit with its energetic spark.


The New Moon phase is when the Moon's light isn't illuminated in the sky. It seems that the Moon has completely faded away for a few days, waiting for its return. During this time, your life is a blank slate. Anything you desire, whether it's to obtain or release anything, the full Moon presents the opportunity to create this experience within your life. This phase is about rebirth, fertility, and getting in touch with your inner-most thoughts and desires. Take some time to reflect on what you want to experience in life. During this phase, you aren't going to take many actions towards what you want to bring into your life; this is the time to become conscious of it. It's time to plant the seeds of the desire you want to grow for the abundance you want to experience within your life.


New Moon Ritual

Before the ritual, grab a piece of paper and a pen and keep them next to your bathtub. Get into the bathtub before filling it with water. Fill your bathtub with warm water and sprinkle in the new Moon herbal blend. Once you're in the water, relax and close your eyes. Begin to imagine the water washing over your body, dissolving any confusion, blockages, or attachments.


During the Waxing Moon phase, the Moon is transitioning away from the new Moon and towards the full Moon. The waxing Moon begins to grow from nothingness into its fullness. All of the seeds you've planted, intentional or unintentional, will be rooted in reality and sprout up from the ground. The waxing moon phase is when you'll begin to see the starting point of your desires begin to enter your life, but not to their fullness or completion. 


Waxing Moon Ritual

Fill the bathtub with warm water and sprinkle in your magical waxing moon herbal blend. Immerse yourself into the water after it's filled a few inches, and soak for a few minutes as you feel your body relax. Close your eyes for a few minutes and clear away any lingering thoughts you may have. Settle any present emotions, and allow yourself to be at peace.

Once you're ready, grab your rose quartz and place it in the bath water. Allow the water to charge the crystal for a few minutes before using. Pick up the crystal and hold it at the water's surface out in front of you. Now, recite your affirmations and slowly guide the rose quartz crystal to you as you do so. Doing so helps draw in the energy of the stone, and it also creates a physical representation of you, bringing in the energy of your affirmations and desires into your life. While doing so, try to cultivate the emotions you would feel if these experiences were truly happening right now.


The Full Moon is often the most popular moon phase, especially when working with lunar energy. Once a month, the Moon becomes illuminated in its fullness, casting its energy over the Earth. During this moon phase, everything is heightened. Shadows are often associated with darkness, and during the night of a full moon, every shadow within your life and in the lives of others will come out from hiding and into the light.

Full Moon Ritual

Before your full moon bath, set your moonstone crystal near a window or outside where it can charge under the moonlight to capsulate the full moon energy. Fill the bath with water while sprinkling some of your full moon herbal blends into the bathtub. Allow the warm water to soak, helping draw out the energetic magic of the herbs. Next, immerse yourself into the luxurious energy of this bath while placing the moonstone at the bottom of your tub. Lay back and relax, imagining the full Moon's energy charging the water and surrounding your body like a cocoon.


During the Waning Moon, the lunar energies are beginning to settle and you're experiencing a fall from the heightened full Moon. It's time to start reflecting on self-care, rest, and finding peace within ourselves. An important aspect of finding peace is through letting go of what no longer serves you. The waning Moon sheds light on the importance of acceptance.


Waning Moon Ritual

Before the bath, write down everything in your life that no longer serves your highest purpose. Next to each item, write down why they no longer serve you. When you're finished, after each item, write down an affirmation that states you are letting each item go, making room for something fresh and new. Bring your list into the bathroom during your ritual.

Fill the bathtub with warm and sprinkle in some of the magical waning Moon herbal blends, and place the Lilac Amethyst crystal into the water for it to charge. Allow the herbs and water to soak for a few minutes before immersing yourself in the water. Self-care is the most important aspect of this bath soak, allow yourself to relax and let go of the outside world. Spend as much time as you need to enjoy this bath's peace, stillness, and warmth.


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