3 Ways to Use Rose Petals Like a Goddess

There is something truly magical about flowers. The cycle of growth and blossoming reminds us of the cycle of life, and the transformation and expansion we experience and go through as we step into our own power. 



Red Rose is sacred to the Goddess and associated with Aphrodite, Adonis, and Eros. The very word “Rose” originated when Flora, the Goddess of flowers, in pain upon being struck by Cupid’s arrow, was unable to properly pronounce Eros but made it sound like “ros.” From this, the word “rose” became a synonym for Eros. Today both in Rome and Greece, it is the symbol of youth, vitality, love, beauty, and the abundance of nature.


Rose is a highly versatile flower and magical herb. This beautiful flower known as “the Queen of all Flowers” arouses a sense of wonder and mystery. Steeped in magical energies, roses are essential in every witch’s herb collection for good reason.



Roses are not only the most popular ingredient in love spells, but they can raise divinatory energies, provide protection, romance and draw good luck in matters of the heart. Read on for a few practical ways to incorporate rose petals into your magic and daily life.


Rose Petal Ritual Bath

A classic ritual bath incorporates elements sacred to the love goddess Aphrodite to draw out love, attraction and inner beauty.

To create an herbal infusion:

  • Place your herbs in a cloth bag or wrap in a piece of fabric. (Alternatively, simply let your petals float around you as you immerse yourself in a relaxing bath and allow the petals to slowly expand and infuse in the water).
  • Add a few drops of vanilla oil if you wish. 
  • Take some deep breaths and visualize the essence of beauty seeping from the rose petals, focus on your skin soaking in the essence and feel the warmth radiating though your body.

Charm Bags



Looking for a little magic this summer? Known in Voodoo as “gris-gris” or Mojo bags, these spells in a bag are a sure way to elevate your magic! Mojo bags are a powerful magnet made with a special collection of magical herbs which are created to bring the warmth of love into your life.

Try this simple charm bag made to attract love and/or promote self-love.

  • Bag Color: Pink, Red, White
  • Herbs: Rose Petals, Lavender, Hibiscus, or Lemon Verbena and a stick of Cinnamon (for passionate love)
  • Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Pink Sapphire, Garnet, Aventurine
  • Charm: A small magnet (which represents your personal magnetism)

Prayer: (For self-love, recite the first half of the prayer)

“By the loving heart of the goddess,
  By Earth, Air, Fire and Sea, 
  Please draw love to me.
  Someone to love with all my soul. 
  I will give my love freely, I will love them completely.
  Please, Goddess, bring this love to me. As I say, so shall it be!”
Carry your charm bag in your pocket or purse, display it on your altar or prominent place (or under your pillow) to remind you of its intention. Nearing a Full Moon? Place your charm bag in the light of the moon to give it a boost.

Have fun assembling this beautiful creation and revel in the playfulness and dream-like wonder of its infinite potential.



Rosewater is a wonderful way to maintain the magical properties of roses before they wilt away. Having a spray bottle filled with rose water nearby is the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up. Rosewater is an excellent moisturizer and has natural antioxidants to make your skin glow.

This wonderful elixir is simple to make and will last for a few weeks in the fridge


  • 1 cups Rose Petals (or 1/4 cup dried petals)
  • 2 cups distilled water


  • Add rose petals and water to a small pot.
  • Infuse your magical intention into your rose water and say: “Roses gift me with your love. Instill this water with your loving vibrations. It will be sweet and will bloom a little more each and every day.”
  • Simmer for about 5-20 minutes.
  • When water has cooled, strain rose petals in a cloth or fine strainer.
  • Store in a spray bottle or glass jar in the fridge for up to a few weeks, or pour into ice cube trays to use as ice cubes for a truly magical elixir! (Note: Holy Santo rose petals are organic and food-grade)


These are just a few of the many magical ways to incorporate rose petals into your daily life. However you use them, be sure to remember that you are as unique and beautiful as a rose, Goddess! ❤️

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